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How Do i Get a Job in the Drone Industry?

How Do i Get a Job in the Drone Industry?

Like any industry there can be different ways to join the industry

Drone Company Employee

If you just want to be a part of the industry and not necessarily be a drone pilot, then of course you could look for openings within an existing or start up drone company.

Job roles will likely include, administrator, sales, engineering, marketing, data analytics, video editing, graphic design.

Drone Pilot Jobs

If you want to be the man on the ground drone pilot, then you can take a number of different steps.

  • Find an internship / apprenticeship within a drone company and learn the ‘ropes’ and progress through internal training to become a drone pilot. This is sometimes the best option for 18- to 25-year-olds as you can learn on the job from other more experienced members of staff
  • Become a hobbyist and then progress to pass your drone pilot licence. This is effectively a self-internship / apprenticeship that you are funding yourself.
    1. By choosing this step to become employed by a drone company you are demonstrating to prospective employers that you have the knowledge, desire and skills to become a valued member of the team.
    2. Alternatively, if you are a qualified drone pilot and have commercial drone insurance and a little bit of promotional knowledge as well then you can also set up your own drone business or become a freelance worker and work for multiple drone businesses as and when required.
  • Develop a useful tool for the drone industry, which could be a useful App or Data collection software, the list could be endless.

The drone marketplace is forecast to grow significantly over the next 10 years so it could be one of the best industries to start in now.