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How Do I Become a Drone Pilot in Europe – European Aviation Safety Agency

How Do I Become a Drone Pilot in Europe – European Aviation Safety Agency

To become to become a Drone Pilot in Europe you will first need to understand the different drone categories.

Drones are subdivided into three sub-categories based on how you intend to use the drone and the level of risk involved:

  • Open Category
  • Specific category
  • Certified Category

Open Category

Open category is subdivided into 3 sub categories A1 A2 and A3. operational risks within the open category are considered low. No authorization is required before starting a flight

Specific Category

The specific category covers higher risk operations search the drone operator is required to obtain operational authorization from the national competent authority.

The drone operator is required to complete a safety risk assessment which determines the necessary safe operation of the drones before obtaining in required authorisation.

Certified Category

Within the certified category safety risk is so high that certification not the aircraft and drone operator is required to ensure safety.

NOTE: The certified category has been allocated for future drone flies with passengers on board such as air taxi and that’s such the safety of these flights will be very similar to the ones used for manned aviation

Open Category Training A1, A2 and A3

  1. Be familiar with the manufacturers manual
  2. complete the national Aviation Authority online training course (relevant to your country)
  3. complete an online theory knowledge exam

NOTE: The test consists of 40 multiple choice questions testing your knowledge as a pilot

Specific Category Training

If your operation falls into a standard scenario the remote pilot must:

  1. Hold a certificate of remote pilot theory knowledge for operation under standard scenarios
  2. hold on accreditation of completion of the STS- 01 practical skill training

Both the certificate and accreditation can be issued by a competent authority or entity chosen to do so.

Drone Pilot Insurance

Drone pilots are required to have insurance if your drone is above a weight of 20kg. within most EASA states third party insurance is also applicable for lighter drone use

EASA Member states:

The following links provide additional information for the respective National Aviation Authority which should be consulted prior to any drone flight to ensure you comply to legislation within that country

Austria –

Belgium –

Bulgaria –

Croatia –…

Cyprus –

Czechia –

Denmark –

Estonia –

Finland –

France –

Germany –

Greece –

Hungary –…

Iceland –

Ireland –

Italy – and

Latvia –

Liechtenstein –

Lithuania – EU 2019/947: and…

Luxembourg –

Netherlands –

Malta –

Norway –

Poland – (registration system) (regulations, rules for performing UAS operations, contact)

Portugal –…

Romania –

Slovakia –…

Slovenia –

Spain –

Sweden –…

Switzerland –