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Types of Drones

Types of Drones

Types of Drones

We have compiled a list of the Types of Drones which drone pilots will use or come across during their career.


A Quadcopter is a more specific term used to describe a drone that is controlled by four rotors. The rotors on the quadcopter each consist of a motor and a propeller.


A multicopter uses multiple propellers rather than a single rotor blade such as on a traditional helicopter to provide lift.


An octocopter is a type of drone with eight blades, used especially to film as they have great stability.


Remotely Piloted Aerial System is defined as an aircraft whereby the flying pilot is not onboard.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Unmanned Aircraft System


Small Unmanned Aircraft System

Toy Drone

A small and inexpensive Drone for most beginners.

Hobby Drone

Hobby drones are used by flyers who may not have professional experience

Professional Drone

These are high-end drones with long flight times and camera’s used for cinema and TV work.

Selfie Drone

Selfie drones are and used for taking photos and videos of yourself.

Racing Drones

Racing drones use FPV (first person view) to control their drones. They are typically small, agile and very fast.